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Kdysauna Model No :    KD-7081

Sauna door Dimensions:  60 x 5x190cm

Optional:  60 x 9x190cm/70 x 5x190cm /70 x 9x190cm/60 x 5x190cm /60 x 9x190cm/70 x 5x190cm/70 x 9x190cm

Wooden Material :    hemlock Wood;

Optional :   Red cedar wood;

Brand:             Kdysauna

Delivery time:        15-30days

Package: Box for individual package


Multiple sauna manufacturers are working in china.however,If you are searching the best sauna supplier in China ,The Kdysauna is your best choice .

The Kdysauna is the best sauna manufacturer in China with over 20 years of experience in sauna manufacturing.

The Kdysauna produces high-quality sauna Glass doors with high-quality wood .

Various kinds  of sauna glass door for your choice.

  We are the most professional team and sauna supplier from China .So, what are you waiting for? Get the sauna door from Kdysauna now !

Hundreads years natural wood bring best wellness

Kdysauna offers a wide selection of imported wood choices: Clear Western Red Cedar and Clear Canadian Hemlock and Pine wood and others for infrared saunas and stone saunas(traditional saunas) And custom saunas.

-Canadian Hemlock wood-We select hundreds years of hemlock timer.It’s natural strength,durability and resistant to decay is the best choice for sauna uses.

-Canadian Western Red Cedar,Having the unsurpassed natural beauty,is the most durable aromatic wood ,It integrates the advantages of resisting moisture,fungi and insects.

-Pine has ample structural strength but with cheaper cost ,Normally it will as the raw material of the sauna accessories.


Every sauna door of kdysauna is specially manufactured to withstand the considerable temperature differences between the outside and the inside of the sauna without warping or deformation.

kdysauna’s doors are manufactured following all the safety requirements and customers’ expectations. Prices include frame, glass, hinges, seal, handles and catch.

The glass is tempered 6mm and 8mm (‘safety glass’), and the color can be clear or bronze or matted

All the sauna door frames can be made with Finland pine,hemlock wood and cedar wood. Sauna doors are equipped with concealed rubber lining and a magnetic door lock and are essential for sauna rooms. Besides, we accept any custom sauna door for the residential/commercial door.

Kdysauna Save cost for each customers !

Various material and Size :

Finland pine,hemlock wood and cedar wood

Glass sauna doors/wooden sauna door/aluminium steam sauna door.

60 x 5x190cm

60 x 9x190cm

70 x 5x190cm

70 x 9x190cm


Custom size/Painting/drawing/logo/Warmly welcome any OEM or ODM business

Package:High-quality wooden pallet package/Cartons to well protect each items

15+years of Canton Exhibitors

Kdysauna attend various Exhibitions more than 15 years,have been providing superior products and service for all customers to assure their satisfaction

Save your money ,save your time ,give you peace of mind are our factory’s standard

Join with us !KDYSAUNA -Your custom sauna room manufacturer in China .

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