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Wholesale Far Infrared foot sauna

Kdysauna Model No :    KD-9003(Energy)

Dimensions:  45*35*65cm

Carton Size :         38*48*72cm

Power:             250w

Wooden Material :    Hemlock Wood;

Optional :  Red cedar wood;

Brand:             Kdysauna

Net Weight :         14KG

Delivery time:        15-30days

Package: 1pcs infrared foot sauna was packed into a Carton

Optional :Color Box for individual package


Multiple sauna manufacturers are working in china.however,If you are searching the best sauna supplier in China ,The Kdysauna is your best choice .

The Kdysauna is the best sauna manufacturer in China with over 20 years of experience in sauna manufacturing.

The Kdysauna produces high-quality foot sauna with high-quality wood .

Various of foot sauna for your choice .

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Hundreads years natural wood bring best wellness

Kdysauna offers a wide selection of imported wood choices: Clear Western Red Cedar and Clear Canadian Hemlock and Pine wood and others for infrared saunas and stone saunas(traditional saunas) And custom saunas.

-Canadian Hemlock wood-We select hundreds years of hemlock timer.It’s natural strength,durability and resistant to decay is the best choice for sauna uses.

-Canadian Western Red Cedar,Having the unsurpassed natural beauty,is the most durable aromatic wood ,It integrates the advantages of resisting moisture,fungi and insects.

Kdysauna Infrared foot sauna

Kdysauna have the combining the soothing warmth with the textured surface, Similar to the infrared home sauna, Kdysauna foot saunas use different infrared heaters .

supported by patented technology, allowing it to produce long-wavelength heat. This penetrates deeper into the user’s body and is readily absorbed.

Kdysauna Infrared Foot Sauna also utilizes foot pads with tourmaline Stone. This help radiates infrared to the base of your feet more effectively when heated.

Kdysauna Infrared Foot Sauna also have the massaging functions ,With Constantly turning, massaging the soles of the feet.helps to massage the soles of your feet with a similar technique to acupressure.

Kdysauna foot saunas also heat your knees, extending this relief throughout your lower legs.

Each infrared foot sauna is constructed of high-quality certified hemlock wood or cedar wood .

We have provided the perfect, rejuvenating solution for tired, achy feet. Slide it under a desk or wherever you relax and enjoy the amazing results.


Sauna foot Dimensions: 45*35*65cm/45*35*72cm/Customized Size

Sauna foot Capacity:1 person

Control panel:Digital control panel

Wood material : Canadian Hemlock/Red Cedar


Power :250~350W

Infrared heaters type:different infrared heaters

Operating temperature: 18°C-65°C

LQ( 20,GP/40,HQ ):195 Units loading in a 20ft container and 455 Units in a 40HQ

About Packaging&Exhibitors

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More than 10 years of experienced workers loading Containers, to ensure that each container does not waste a little space, to save transportation costs for customers are our principle.

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