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Sauna Thermometer And Hygrometer Sauna Accessories

Kdysauna Model No :    KD-213

Dimensions:          26*14*3cm

Carton Size :          59*38*78cm

Wooden Material :    Pine Wood;

Optional :  Red cedar wood;

Brand:             Kdysauna

Net Weight :         0.5KG

Delivery time:        15-30days

Package: 100pcs Sauna Thermometer and sauna hygrometer was packed into a Carton

Optional :Color Box for individual package


Multiple sauna manufacturers are working in china.however,If you are searching the best sauna supplier in China ,The Kdysauna is your best choice .

The Kdysauna is the best sauna manufacturer in China with over 20 years of experience in sauna manufacturing.

The Kdysauna produces high-quality sauna accessories with high-quality wood .

Multiple accessories such as,bucket and ladles , Sauna thermometer&hygrometer/Sandtime/backrest/lamp shade /lamp

  We are the most professional team and sauna supplier from China .So, what are you waiting for? Get the sauna accessories cost from Kdysauna now !

Durable and advanced sauna heaters to meet various design

Kdy sauna bucket and ladle

As a strength sauna supplier , Our buckets are available to more than 1500 types. including sizes from 3L to 30L.Red ceder wood,Hemlock wood,Pine ,Aspen wood as the optional material.

These materials are also eco-friendly, so you’ll have a feel-good sauna experience in more ways than one.Easily picked up by sturdy stick handle , this bucket is both a functional furnishing and beautiful accent to the sauna space.

Kdy sauna lamp and shade

Internal Sauna Lamp&shade that withstands high temperatures & humidity.100% new and high quality lamp shade for sauna supplies.

which ensures the maximum durability .Healthy and environmentally friendly, a practical accessory using in sauna room.

Kdysauna thermometer & hygrometer and hourglass

Kdysauna thermometer &hygrometer and hourglass are safe, and be capable of resisting high temperatures and can show temperature and time measurement precisely .Separate hygrometer and thermometer or a combination are two choice according to your needs.kdysauna can offer completely full sets sauna accessories in one stop shop.

Kdysauna Backrest and pillow

Kdysauna Portable Backrest and pillow is smooth, rounded corners ,Providing a comfortable, relaxing sauna experience. This accessory is free-standing and can be placed anywhere in order to provide the most comfort and relief for each user.

About Packaging&Exhibitors

Save each cost for kdysauna customers

More than 10 years of experienced workers loading Containers, to ensure that each container does not waste a little space, to save transportation costs for customers are our principle.

15+years of Canton Exhibitors

Kdysauna attend various Exhibitions more than 15 years,have been providing superior products and service for all customers to assure their satisfaction

Save your money ,save your time ,give you peace of mind are our factory’s standard

Join with us !KDYSAUNA -Your custom sauna room manufacturer in China .

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