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Infrared sauna chair

Kdysauna Model No :    KD-S01

Sauna Chair Dimensions:  1460*560*990cm

Carton Size :         2020*700*100cm

Power:              500W

Wooden Material :    Hemlock Wood;

Optional :  Red cedar wood;

Brand:             Kdysauna

Net Weight :         15KG

Delivery time:        15-30days

Package: 1pcs Sauna Chair was packed into a Carton

Optional :Color Box for individual package


Multiple sauna manufacturers are working in china.however,If you are searching the best sauna supplier in China ,The Kdysauna is your best choice .

The Kdysauna is the best sauna manufacturer in China with over 20 years of experience in sauna manufacturing.

The Kdysauna produces high-quality infrared sauna chairs with high-quality wood .

Various kinds of infrared  sauna chairs for your choice .

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Hundreads years natural wood bring best wellness

Kdysauna offers a wide selection of imported wood choices: Clear Western Red Cedar and Clear Canadian Hemlock and Pine wood and others for  infrared Sauna chairs

-Canadian Hemlock wood-We select hundreds years of hemlock timer.It’s natural strength,durability and resistant to decay is the best choice for sauna uses.

-Canadian Western Red Cedar,Having the unsurpassed natural beauty,is the most durable aromatic wood ,It integrates the advantages of resisting moisture,fungi and insects.

-Pine has ample structural strength but with cheaper cost ,Normally it will as the raw material of the sauna accessories.

Kdysauna infrared/bench Chair

Kdysauna  infrared sauna  chair has a higher and wider seat that enables sitting without any extra effort,The chair’s stability and supporting armrests make it easier to sit in the chair and get up from it.

The kdysauna  infrared sauna chairs have been carefully designed to take little space and at the same time ensuring that they are pleasant and ergonomic to relax on.

The backward leaning seating position is comfortably relaxing and supports the entire back.This chair comes with fixed arm rests.

The backrest is flexible and shapes itself comfortably to the back and gives it support.

The kdysauna  infrared sauna  chairs are a perfect fit outside the sauna, swimming pool or an infrared cabin.

The Kdysauna infrared sauna chairs you can select with infrared function or without infrared function

KDY Provide two choice for Chair -With infrared heater /without infrared heater


Kdysauna chair Package

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