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Hot&cool wooden bathtub

Ice bath tub with chiller system

KD Model No :    KD-2000SS

Ice tub Dimensions:2050*730*820mm

Wooden Material : Stainless steel linner

Capacity:  0.54CBM

Package Size:2100*760*88mm

Package: 1pcs hot tub was packed into a Plywood box

Accessories:Packed included Fiter system, Ozone system and Chiller system

Revitalize Your Body and Mind with Kdy’s Innovative Cold Plunge Tub

Kdysauna  ice bath tub has been meticulously designed and developed to meet the needs of our customers who seek to enhance their health and wellness. 

KDYsauna  ice bath tub is a luxurious and practical addition to any spa or home.

Kdy sauna Ice tub’s innovative design provides an optimal temperature range that step into the tub slowly when the water reaches 50 to 59°F, or 10 to 15°C  and gradually add ice cubes to the tepid water ,it can get quickly cold water .

KDYsauna   Ice bathtub there is s no official recommendation for how to take an ice bath. But people usually spend 5 to 10 minutes or less based on what feels reasonable.

Equipped with a filtration system that uses an ozone generator to sanitize and a pleated sediment filter to clean and keep the water crystal clear.

Pump and filter runs 24/7 and is designed to stay on,it rely on the high quality Chiller.

Our Ice bath tub is perfect for post-workout recovery, reducing inflammation, and improving circulation.

Notice : The cold-water plunges pose a risk to people with certain conditions. So it’s important to speak to your healthcare provider first

Various hot tub Size

Our Outdoor ice tub is large enough to accommodate 2 to 10 people

Oval ice bath tub1300*920*720mm (430L capacity)
Oval ice bath tub1600* 1600*720mm(600L capacity)
Oval ice bath tub1740* 1640* 720mm(820L capacity)
Square ice tub2050*730*820mm

Product description

Wood choice: Our ice tub are made from high-quality Canadian Western Red Cedar or Canada hemlock wood or other suitable outdoor materials  . ensuring durability and longevity

Canadian Hemlock wood-we select hundreds years of hemlock timer.It’s natural strength,durability and resistant to decay is the best choice for sauna&tub uses.

Western Red Cedar is naturally endowed with a sweet aromatic scent and the ability to avoid fast decay,those wood is an excellent choice for ice bath tubs due to its natural properties and high insulating values.Extra preservative process to keep the wood Resistant to growth of fungi and rotting .that can stand up to years of use.  

KDY craftsmanship spirit

After hand polished ,Every surface is smoothly shaped for comfort . The edges are nicely rounded to rest your neck and the adjusted concave seat snugly supports your back and legs. No where else will you find a ice tub this comfortable.

Strengthen 403/304 stainless steel liner and band , bolt and other metal parts that strong guarantee the tightness.Which have excellent corrosion resistance properties.unique work craft to prevent leakage,

Stainless steel inner is easier to operate, maintain, and clean.Stainless steel making it resistant to rusting and corrosion.

Our tub is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance.Our thermal covers cover design provides superior heat retention and durability.

Our chiller temperature can be set 0-40degree .Adjustable temperature from ambient room temp to freezing.

It can be cold and hot (For Square ice tub ).Our advanced Chiller that maintains the water temperature at a consistent level,The controller is simple and easy to operate.

Kdy ice tub kit includes everything you need to assemble and use.

Ice tub Package :

Package included 1pc ice bath tub           

2pcs stainless steel band,                    

1pc stainless steel liner.                   

1pc chiller system ,1pc water inlet valve     

1pc water outlet valve ,

1pc digital control panel ,

1pc wooden step

More than 10 years of experienced workers loading Containers, to ensure that each container does not waste a little space, to save transportation costs for customers are our principle.

Our products stand up to scrutiny and testing, welcome to visit us at any time, Kdysauna is waiting for your visit!

Our stable delivery, sufficient raw materials and large production capacity are your best supplier choice!

15+years of Canton Exhibitors

Kdysauna attend various Exhibitions more than 15 years,have been providing superior products and service for all customers to assure their satisfaction

Save your money ,save your time ,give you peace of mind are our factory’s standard

Join with us !KDYSAUNA -Your custom sauna room manufacturer in China .

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