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Infrared Sauna

3 People Hemlock Sauna cabin with Carbon Heater

KDY Model No :    KD-5003C

Sauna Dimensions: 1500*1100*1900mm

Wooden Material : Canada hemlock wood; Red ceder wood

Heater:           Shortwave and Carbon heater

Power:           2100w

Capacity:           3 person

Voltage:           110-240V

Weight :            165kg

Package:            3 Cartons

Loading Q'ty(20GP/40GP/40HQ):         19/40/50pcs

Accessories:USB/MP3/FM/Bluetooth/Reading Light/Ventilation/Cup holder. Towel bracket .Magazine bracket.etc


Multiple sauna manufacturers are working in china. However ,if you are searching for the best infrared sauna in china ,The kdysauna is your best choice .

The Kdysauna is the best sauna manufacturer in China with over 20 years of experience in sauna  manufacturing.

The Kdysauna produces high-quality infrared sauna with high-quality wood and high-quality heating system.

You can get multiple accessories such as LED lights, sterilization systems, and sound system in the Kdysauna infrared saunas.

 We are the most professional team and supplier from China .So, what are you waiting for? Get the custom made infrared sauna room from Kdysauna now !

Hundreads years natural wood bring best wellness

Kdysauna offers a wide selection of imported wood  imported wood choices: Clear Western Red Cedar and Clear Canadian Hemlock and Pine wood and others for infrared saunas and stone saunas(traditional sauna s) And custom saunas.

Canadian Hemlock wood-We select hundreds years of hemlock timer.It’s natural strength,durability and resistant to decay is the best choice for sauna uses.

Canadian Western Red Cedar,Having the unsurpassed natural beauty,is the most durable aromatic wood ,It integrates the advantages of resisting moisture,fungi and insects.

Pine has ample structural strength but with cheaper cost ,Normally it will as the raw material of the sauna accessories.

Multiple Sizes of the Indoor Infrared Sauna

1 Person Sauna Size900*900*1900mm
2 person Sauna Size1200*1050*1900mm
3 person Sauna Size1500*1100*1900mm
4 person Sauna Size1800*1200*1900mm
2-3 person Corner Sauna Size1200*1200*900*900*900*1900mm
4 person Corner Sauna Size1500*1500*900*900*900*1900mm
5. Other custom Size :5 Person or more

Durable and advanced sauna heaters to meet various design

Resistant 100% Pure Ceramic Far Infrared Heater

It has many advantages including energy efficient,High strength,safety and long using life,The pure ceramic tube making the wavelength of far infrared rays is closely to human engineers whom chosen more than one hundred materials tested once and once.

Mica carbon panel heater

Organic Carbon:people’s body is made up of carbon and water,So the spectrum from mica carbon panel heater is easier to be absorbed by people.

Low surface Temperature:Low surface temperature is more propitious to emit biology far infrared rays,evenly heat .

Shortwave Heater

New infrared cabins equipped with Shortwave heater offer outstanding benefits for operators and users,You have more freedom and flexibility in positioning your infrared cabins an the are more compact and create no humidity issues when in use.

Incoloy  Heater

Low electromagnetic radiation only have 0.00-0.004 Microamp.Wave length is :10000-1000m ,Evenly heat,Evenly sweating.

Incoloy  Heater

Incoloy heater are have a high resistance to corrosion and oxidation.its high melting point and excellent corrosion resistance,also more durable than other heaters.

Installation, Accessories, Packaging

All parts will included while getting the kdysauna

Reading Light,Speakers,Oxygen Ionizer,Air ventilation,Cup Holder&Tower Rack&Backrest will be a perfect addition,To improve your sauna experience.

Interior Ambiance LED light will lead you to the fairyland

7 different colors by controller directly,Improve skin ,circulation,Nerve and suit particular mood;relaxation and serenity.

Varieties of controller,digital LED display,digital senor,specialized design for you sauna.

Times/temperature figure indicator is very clearly and easily to be operated.The heaters will turn off automatic and maintain the desired temperature inside of it on periodically when the heaters high as your request .

Assembly kdysauna with 30minutes or less

Kdysauna have exclusive instruction manual which will simplify the installation process of the sauna room. -Paper manual will be contain for each sauna (video as options)

100% Product testing for each sauna before package

Function test & Hi-pot test & input power test & moisture content test etc -Strict quality Management process will ensure absolute high quality sauna from kdysauna. We do our best job!

We provide most professional sauna package

Kdysauna Not only provide the most professional purchase guidance,But also with perfect after-sales service.100% inspection before package for each part including exterior processing,heater elements,Power testing ,accessories,instruction book and stickers for safe arrival .

Save each cost for kdysauna customers

More than 10 years of experienced workers loading Containers, to ensure that each container does not waste a little space, to save transportation costs for customers are our principle.

15+years of Canton Exhibitors

Kdysauna attend various Exhibitions more than 15 years,have been providing superior products and service for all customers to assure their satisfaction

Save your money ,save your time ,give you peace of mind are our factory’s standard

Join with us !KDYSAUNA -Your custom sauna room manufacturer in China .

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