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Zhangzhuang Town Industrial Zone, Pei County, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
    What is Far infrared? Far-Infrared (FIR) heat is a form of naturally occurring energy that directly heats objects by gentle infrared radiation heat rather than by raising the temperature of the surrounding air. FIR heat is completely safe for the human body. Physical therapists often use FIR heat to promote healing and hospitals use the same heat to keep premature babies warm in incubators.  
    Can I visit your factory and your booth on fair? Welcomed,our factory is in Xuzhou City.Pls kindly tell us your scheduel advanced,we will you pick you up at guanyin airport or Xuzhou East Station.
    We attend Canton Fair twice per year,it would be our honour to meet you there.
    Who are not allowed to use sauna room? 1.Heart Patients       2.cerebral thrombosis
    3.hypertensive         4.Patients with epilepsy
    5.pregnant woman    6. alcoholics
    7.Frail elderly people and recovered children who just had a serious illness
    8.The patients who has a steel in body
    which place may put fragrant oil in the sauna room? Customer may choose the fragrant pot and drop little fragrant oil in it. 
    which people are suitable for the infrared sauna room? Suits in any people. the young people uses may improve skin and more Beautiful losing weight; the Senior citizen uses may take care of the health to arthritis rheumatism backache the hands and feet ice-cold as well as the skin prorates the endocrine disorders has the very good alleviation effect; goes to school the child uses may alleviate the pressure; the promotion blood circulation may make up each kind of malpractice which the physiological load of exercise brings insufficient. 
    KDYSAUNA sauna rooms use electricity safety? Yes. Our Sauna room use electricity. KDYSAUNA products already passed European Union’s CE .ETLROHSISO9000certification .our product has the creep age protected system and the automatic constant temperature device but also has the timing device can set up the working time effectively. Therefore may feel relieved in security.  
    What about your products service life?  Our product had more than ten years production experience .our quality has been stable the quality is reliable. Besides our infrared sauna room has utilized a nanotechnology has the mold proofing deodorization the antibacterial function and is longer than the ordinary material’s service life.  
    what certification about your company product? Main product approved CE ETL SASO.SAA ROSH ISO9001and so on...can sell to North American; South American; Australian .Europe Middle East etc .also approved more than 20 terms national monopoly in China